Licensed Medical Aesthetician and owner of KS Skin Essentials.

Karen has been working in the skin care industry for over 15 years, during which time she has gained knowledge and experience in all aspects of the skin and body.

Karen's interest in skin care was driven by a desire to help people feel good inside and out, as well as look their best. Waxing, face brightening, and clearing blemishes can help bring confidence to a person. She works successfully with all skin types including acne prone skin, scarring, sun damaged skin, and aging skin. Karen's goal is to help each client achieve and maintain healthy skin.

Karen also has extensive experience in microneedling, chemical peels, therapeutic facials and body treatments and peels. She can help you get rid of the unsightly sun damage, dark spots and crepey skin on your hands, arms, back and legs.

As a dedicated skin care expert and waxing specialist, Karen seeks to educate others about proper skin care, appropriate product selection and customized skin regimens. She truly enjoys client interaction, and is committed to providing her clients with only the best products and services.

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